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Timeline of Events for the FMA Manga/Brotherhood in Continental (Amestrian) Years


- date of Edward Elric's birth


- date of Alphonse Elric's birth


- the shooting of an Ishvalan child results in rioting and massacres, leading to the Ishval Civil War in the East Area; the war continues for the next seven years



- Hohenheim leaves the Elric household


- first interests in alchemy

- [summer] death of Trisha Elric from a viral epidemic (possibly the plague)




- apprenticeship under Izumi Curtis in the city of Dublith


- January 5th Lenny and Cynthia (only instance of two murders in one night)

- Winry's mother and father die serving as doctors on the Ishval frontlines

- conclusion of the Ishval Civil War in East Area as a direct result of the fulfillment of Presidential Decree #306


- May 3rd Reynolds


- August 29th Hendrick

- failed attempt at human transmutation at Ed's age eleven, Al's age ten

- Colonel Mustang personally responds to Edward's letter of application for State Alchemist licensure and proposes that he pursue a career under that title

- Edward is fitted with automail prosthetics, spending a year in recovery/rehab


- March 13th Gadrielle

- Edward achieves State Alchemist licensure at his age twelve, Al's age eleven

- the Elric brothers burn down their house in Resembool on the evening of October 3

- fighting breaks out near the southern city of Fortsett over the location of the military's southern headquarters


- Shou Tucker achieves State Alchemist licensure after transmuting a chimera that understands human speech



- all events included in the Father Cornello/Liore arc

- violence breaks out in Liore as a result of the religious upset catalyzed by the military's brusque crack down on citizen riots

- all events included in the Youswell arc

- Brigadier General Basque Gran, the "Iron Blood Alchemist," is brutally murdered in Central by a serial killer who has been targeting only State Alchemists

- all events included in the Shou Tucker ("Life-Sewing Alchemist")/Nina arc; with Tucker's death, the State Alchemist killer racks up a total of 15 victims, 5 in Central and 10 from around the country

- the State Alchemist-targeting serial killer (nicknamed "Scar") attacks the Elric brothers in an alley in East City

- the Elric brothers and Armstrong encounter Dr. Tim Marcoh working as a medical practitioner in a small town; the brothers receive a lead from Marcoh on the Philosopher's Stone that directs them to the First Branch of the National Central Library

- Edward receives a new arm and a tune-up for his leg from Granny Pinako and Winry, spending three days in Resembool

- after arriving in Central, Ed is assigned a new set of bodyguards: Second Lieutenant Maria Ross and Sergeant Denny Brosh

- before the Elric brothers are able to investigate Dr. Marcoh's research at the National Central Library, the entire building is burnt to the ground in a mysterious act of vandalism

- thanks to the fantastic memory of an ex-National Central Library employee named Sheska, Ed and Al get their hands on all of Dr. Marcoh's research on the Philosopher's Stone (it took Sheska five days to transcribe the entire work)

- Scar is attacked in the sewer system of East City by the homunculi Gluttony and Lust, obtaining severe injuries

- the Elric brothers investigate the abandoned Fifth Research Institute and have a run-in with serial killer Barry the Chopper/Number 66 and the homunculi Lust and Envy (this event marks the first encounter the Elric brothers have with the homunculi)

- *Izumi and Sig Curtis run into Hohenheim during a stop in Central while on their vacation

- Maes Hughes is murdered while attempting to contact Colonel Mustang through a non-military sponsored phone line

- the Elric brothers travel to Rush Valley with Winry, gaining the opportunity to reform a pickpocket named Paninya and witness the birth of a child

- the brothers continue on to Dublith to see Izumi; Winry stays in Rush Valley as an apprentice to the automail mechanic Garfiel (the name of the automail shop is 'Atelier Garfiel')

- Edward Elric leaves the Curtis household for 2 to 3 days to visit Southern HQ to complete his alchemist assessment

- Yoki is reintroduced into the story as a refugee in the Ishval camp located on the outskirts of East City where Scar is recuperating from the sewer incident

- Alphonse Elric is baited into showing up at the abandoned factory on the west side of Dublith; subdued by the chimeras Martel (snake), Roa (bull/steer), and Dolcetto (dog), Al is taken to the bar called Devil's Nest

- the homunculus Greed is introduced; he desires genuine immortality, among other things

- Edward Elric returns to Dublith; after overhearing a conversation between Edward and Izumi concerning Al's state of being kidnapped, King Bradley personally leads a task force in infiltrating Devil's Nest, disguising the raid as a 'rescue mission'; as a result of Bradley's swordplay, Greed is subdued and his subordinates wiped out, save for one

- Alphonse regains the memories from his trip into the gate, courtesy of a blood donor

- Riza Hawkeye quells an assault attempt by Barry the Chopper, the latter of which begins to grow fond of the former

- Falman, Mustang and Hawkeye question Barry the Chopper about the actions of the military as they relate to the Fifth Research Institute and the manufacturing of incomplete Philosopher's Stones; Mustang agrees to hide and protect Barry in exchange for the information

- as a result of his refusal to recommit himself into Father's service, Greed's core Philosopher's Stone is extracted from the host and re-assimilated into Father's being temporarily

- Selim Bradley makes his entrance, cute as a baby scorpion

- May Chang & Shao May make their debut, showing up in the town of Youswell after having crossed the Eastern Desert from Xing; she too is looking for a method to achieve immortality

- Ed and Al journey back to Rush Valley because Ed needs another repair job

- A WILD LING YAO HAS APPEARED; Al discovers the starved Xingese prince lying in an alley in Rush Valley and convinces Ed to get him something to eat; Ling has journeyed to Amestris with his two bodyguards (Lan Fan and Fu) to research the alchemy wielded there and seek for the Philosopher's Stone, which he associates with immortality

- Alphonse traps Fu during the Rush Valley fight using his newfound ability to transmute without a circle, just like Ed

- Colonel Mustang is transferred to Central, bringing with him his loyal subordinates: Riza Hawkeye, Jean Havoc, Kain Fuery, Vato Falman, and Heymans Breda

- Scar and Yoki journey to Central at the same time as the Elric brothers, Winry, and Ling & Co.

- back in Central, Envy concocts a plan that involves placing full blame for Maes Hughes' murder on Maria Ross' shoulders; it is revealed that Lust has become Havoc's new girlfriend in order to gain information from him, and she goes by the name 'Solaris'

- Ling slips away from the Elric brothers and his entourage once they disembark from Central station, but he faints in the street and is put in jail as an illegal immigrant

- Mustang lies to Ed, Al and Winry about the death of Hughes; the brothers later find out about his death via the newspaper headline concerning Maria Ross' conviction and go to confirm the story with Mustang

- using their combined mental capacities, Barry the Chopper and Mustang plan and execute a jailbreak for Maria Ross; Ling is also freed in the process

- caught in the middle and without all the pieces to the story, Ed and Al stumble upon Ling, Barry and Maria escaping from jail; Mustang successfully pulls the wool over the eyes of the Elric brothers and the military higher ups by faking Maria Ross' death

- Winry also learns of Hughes' death by reading the newspaper, and she runs to pay Hughes' widow and daughter a visit; while at Gracia's house, Winry decides to bake an apple pie

- Armstrong sabotages Ed's right arm and forces him to accompany him on a journey to Resembool

- Barry the Chopper's human body shows up at the hideout of Falman, Barry and Ling & Co. as a decoy to lure Mustang and his subordinates out of their hiding place; Barry's body leads Mustang, Hawkeye, Havoc, and Barry to the Third Laboratory, a military facility directly controlled by the Fuhrer

- Mustang and Havoc have an unfortunate encounter with Lust in an abandoned lab room in the Third Laboratory, resulting in Havoc's paralysis from the waist down

- Lust becomes the first homunculus to die at the hands of a human; Barry the Chopper's soul is reluctantly reunited with his body, and he also dies  

- Edward, Armstrong, and Breda journey to the ruins of Xerxes to meet Maria Ross; information concerning the homunculi is exchanged there, and Maria decides to travel to Xing with Fu as per the arrangement made between Barry and Ling for smuggling her out of the country; before leaving the ruins, Ed encounters a small band of Ishvalans while inspecting the transmutation circle on one wall of the Xerxes ruins, and from an elder he learns the details of the fate of Winry's parents

- *Hohenheim arrives in Resembool and wants to know where his house has gone

- *Armstrong, Edward, and Breda return to Resembool; on his way to pay respects to the graves of Winry's parents, Edward comes across Hohenheim standing before Trisha's grave

- *Hohenheim leaves Resembool, his cryptic denial of Pinako's invitation to stop by and eat dinner again sometime hints at trouble to come

- Dr. Knox is introduced into the story as an old war buddy of Mustang's

- Mustang sends Breda to find Dr. Marcoh, a medical practitioner rumored to have the Philosopher's Stone, in the hopes that he will have the ability to restore normal function to Havoc's nervous system

- interestingly enough, Envy arrives at Dr. Marcoh's abode disguised as Breda just before the real Breda makes it to the doctor's house; Envy forces Doctor Marcoh to accompany him back to Central, threatening the well being of his patients if he refused to comply
This is an incomplete timeline of the events of the manga and second anime of Fullmetal Alchemist. I repeat, it is NOT finished yet. I decided to upload this now for three primary reasons:

1. 3.OCT.11

2. To monitor how large the file may turn out to be. If it ends up to be quite big, I may split it into parts in order to save download time.

3. To prove that I am still working on it, and to show you folks out there the reason why it is taking me so long.

You bet your sparkly big-muscled Major this thing is more detailed than a gallery of Renaissance paintings. This timeline in particular is made directly to my personal standards... it was originally meant to be a reference I alone would use for FMA fan fictions, but I realized how valuable an asset it could be to those fans out there who yearn for a decent timeline to base their general time-based knowledge off of. You are all very, very welcome.

A few notes on the coding: all entries in italics are the names of several of Barry the Chopper's victims and the days on which he killed them. All entries preceded by an asterisk (*) concern Hohenheim.

This is a sister reference in conjunction with two other references: a timeline of the events of the first Fullmetal Alchemist anime (2003), and an age calculator in which I have provided a mathematical walkthrough to help fan fiction writers correctly calculate the ages and birthdays of their OCs.

FMA OC Age/Birthday Calculator Link: [link]

FMA First Anime Timeline: [link]

Note: Those of you who are familiar with the timeline I created for the first anime may be wondering why this timeline is ten times more detailed than the other. I'll tell you why that is. At present, I do not have the patience nor the diligence to rewatch the first anime. I made it through the thing once and I have no immediate desire to see it again. The first anime and I have a hate-hate relationship. I may create a more detailed timeline for the first anime in the future, but that will not happen anytime soon.


References for this Timeline:

These will be added at a later date and will be based on whether or not I split this timeline into parts. There's a potload of references in total, so first I have to sort out the length before getting into that arena.
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I'm asking because I'm actually doing a crossover fanfiction of Fullmetal and Doctor Who - the time has to be therefore specific, when it comes to the Doctor and his deductions.
Henpukumaru Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
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Good luck to you with your crossover!
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